About Me


Photo by Ingrid Holmquist.

I am a Marine Corps veteran trying to find the job of her dreams and a place in the journalism field, as well as continuing my transition into the civilian world.

I earned a dual degree at the University of Houston in English Literature and print journalism in 2016. I also cofounded the Student Veterans of America UH chapter in 2014.

Now, I am attending Columbia Journalism School in New York City, working on a Masters of Science degree and will graduate in May 2018. Like the Marine Corps, it is one of the most difficult yet rewarding challenges in my life, and I can’t wait to use these skills out in the journalism industry.

As to why I want to be a journalist, how I got from the Marine Corps to reporting, I’ll quote what a guest speaker said at the 2015 Student Veterans of America National Conference. According to him, a Marine-turn-reporter said this:

“Marines and journalists do the same thing: they protect their country.”

I never thought it of that way. And that’s why I want to enter this field.