Soundtrack: departure, honor, and love


I saw this video on my Instagram and Facebook feeds recently, and this video just pulled me in. Not only because it displayed all the clues of “R+L=J” since season one, but because the music keeps me glued to the screen, and keeps me coming back to see it again.

The music is from another HBO show, The Leftovers. The song is entitled, The Departure and was written by Max

I love soundtracks. I am one of those nerds who goes in search of t
he music after I see the movie or show, upload it to my iPod then blast it in my car.

And yes, even if it is classical music.

There’s just something about music who puts you back in that scene. The emotion or state of mind, and having the images accompanied by the music makes the impact that much greater.

I came to find out however, that there are various versions of The Departure, so the one you hear is possibly the “Diary” version. Maybe. Don’t quote me on it. I just may purchase all versions and blast them all in my car, on repeat.


SOURCE: Jon Snow Facebook Page

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